Children who excel at school, whether academically, socially, or artistically, are often identified as Gifted and Talented.  These children often require additional academic support and encouragement, as well as challenging work to keep their young minds growing, active, and avoid being bored and disruptive in class.  An assessment is often required by the GT classrooms and schools in Colorado to determine if your child meets criteria for Gifted and Talented.  This assessment is not as lengthy as others and can often be completed, with a detailed report of strengths and any areas of deficit within a week.  This assessment an also be combined with others to determine if you child may be Twice Exceptional, where struggles with inattention,  mood disorder, or other difficulties, affects his or her ability to academically achieve to the highest potential.

Tests Given for a Gifted and Talented Assessment

Wechsler Intelligence Scale: WPPSI (ages 2-6), WISC (ages 7-16), WAIS (ages 17+)

Other assessments as needed